The road ahead: our strategy through 2025 - Crossref

Ginny Hendricks – 2021 June 03

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Hi Ginny!

I’ve looked throught your Roadmap and I have a question.

Some of Russian journals use not real DOIs, but simulacrums / phony indexes. What is Crossref’s policy in such cases? What shoul we, the ambassadors, do if we find face indexes in an article?

Thanks in advance for your answer.


Hi @Angela - sorry I didn’t spot your question until now! If they are not a Crossref member they might belong to another registration agency or just be making up strings - you can report ‘fake’ DOIs to the DOI Foundation - Glad you like the roadmap (we still have a bit more work to flesh it out properly but it’s getting there!).


Ok, I get it. Thank You!


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