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Request for feedback: Conference ID implementation

We’ve all been subject to floods of conference invitations, it can be difficult to sort the relevant from the not-relevant or (even worse) sketchy conferences competing for our attention. In 2017, DataCite and Crossref started a working group to investigate creating identifiers for conferences and projects. Identifiers describe and disambiguate, and applying identifiers to conference events will help build clear durable connections between scholarly events and scholarly literature.

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Thank you guys for what you’re doing!
It would be great if the materials of the annual conference were collected under one doi, so that after clicking on the link, the links to the materials of each year would be revealed in the form of a tree. That is, starting from one doi, it would be possible to move on to other doi. It’s like opening a nesting doll. Or like a train, where the head doi carries the doi of each year’s conference. However, I am not an expert in IT technologies and maybe my proposal is absurd.