Registering Articles for a Journal without an ISSN

We have a few older journals (and two newer ones) for which ISSNs are not available. I’d like to know the proper XML format for the journal metadata. I have been successful with this, but it updates the journal DOI.

<journal_metadata language=“en”>
<full_title>TITLE HERE</full_title>
<cfif len(#GetPubInfo.issn#) gt 0>ISSN HERE

The only issue I’m seeing is that the journal data is being updated on each submission. Can I avoid this with a different structure? Thanks.

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Yes, you may register DOIs for journals that do not or do not yet have an ISSN if you include a journal-title-level DOI in the XML submission, like this:

<journal_metadata language="en">
				<full_title>Journal of Metadata Perfection</full_title>

You can see the full XML sample here: best-practice-examples/journal_article_4.8.0.xml · master · crossref / Schema · GitLab

Now, the journal-title-level DOI - in the above example 10.32013/487529 - needs to be entered consistently when registering DOIs for the Journal of Metadata Perfection, since that DOI is meant to be the unique and definitive DOI for the journal as a whole. If in my first submission of the Journal of Metadata Perfection, I enter and register the journal-title-level DOI as 10.32013/487529 and follow that with subsequent registrations that include a different journal-title-level DOI that will lead to inconsistent metadata records for the journal and likely many failure errors in your deposits.

So, in my example, I should use the DOI 10.32013/487529 consistently as the journal-title-level DOI for all articles registered within that journal.

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Thanks. That was the code I was using, so it looks like I was on the right track. I wasn’t sure that I should be updating the journal title level DOI every time. (Apologies for the way my code appeared. It looked okay before I submitted the post.)

No, it should remain consistent for all registrations of that journal.

No worries about the code.

Happy I could help :slight_smile: