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Referencing OpenURL

So, why is it just so difficult to reference OpenURL?

Apart from the standard itself (hardly intended for human consumption - see abstract page here and PDF and don’t even think to look at those links - they weren’t meant to be cited!), seems that the best reference is to the Wikipedia page. There is the OpenURL Registry page at but this is just a workshop. Not much there beyond the OpenURL registered items. (And why does the page seem uncertain as to whether it’s a “repository” or a “registry”? Is there no difference between those terms?) The only other links are to a mix of HTML and PDF resources. (There really should be a health warning on links to PDFs - they are just not browser friendly documents.) And, I do have to wonder at this: the registry page has a link to the unofficial 0.1 version but not to the 1.0 standard. Er, why? And don’t even try this link: Not much info there.

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