Hello, I would like to inquire about an SCI paper with the DOI number: 10.1109/TBC.2023.3280039

I am the first author, but I did not synchronize to the orcid, why did the orcid and crossref of the second author synchronize?
Thank you.

Hello @YUZHAO, and welcome to the Community Forum!

I have checked the metadata of your article in our REST API and have found that your ORCID iD is not included there. Even if you have given the necessary permission in the past for Crossref to auto-update your ORCID record, we cannot do so without the connection in the article metadata.

Unfortunately we are not able to add the missing iD on your behalf; you would need to reach out to the publisher to request any changes to the metadata. However you can also add the article to your ORCID record manually by signing into the ORCID platform and going to “Works” / “Add”, or by signing in to your ORCID account on Crossref Metadata Search and selecting “Add to ORCID”.

Best wishes,

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