Non-assigned DOIs - featuring in unresolved reports

Whats the best way to handle non-assigned DOIs contributing to unresolved reports.
The DOIs in question do not exist on our OJS platform.

Ideal: such DOI not to feature in unresolved reports

Thank you

Hello @bravismore ,

Thanks for your question, and welcome to the Community Forum!

I wrote about resolution reports and unregistered/failed DOIs within the report here: The basics of resolution reports

For any member with even a modest amount of views on their content per month, there will be resolution failures on your monthly resolution report. We can’t really segment these failures into legitimate DOIs that should have been registered and DOI resolution mistakes by end users that can be ignored, because we don’t know which DOIs you intend to register. We don’t know your content like you do.

So, the question to ask yourself when reviewing a failed DOI resolution in the csv report we attach to the monthly resolution report is: is this a DOI that I have published and is out in the world? If so, then there was likely an error with the registration and you should now register the DOI.

If a DOI appears in your failed report that will not be published and is not a DOI that you intend on registering, in most cases you may consider that user error and ignore the report of the failed resolution.

Please let me know if you have any additional questions,