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I thought that journals depositing “open references” were a subset of those depositing “references”. However, I retrieve journal records where the value for “references-current” is FALSE, whereas for “open-references-current” is TRUE. A couple of examples:

ISSN: 23410515

ISSN: 20019866

How should I interpret these data?

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Hi @angel,

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Members can set reference distribution to: open, limited, or closed. That setting is not tied to submission of references. That is, members, and especially new members who have their reference distribution set to the default setting of open, may have the distribution set to open, but are not, in fact, registering any references with us. While registering references is best practice, it is not a requirement of our members.

That’s what is happening in these examples. The distribution setting in our system is set to open, but the member has not registered references for the journals in question, as you can see from the REST API queries below: - there are 162 DOIs registered with us that include ISSN 23410515 in the metadata. - reference distribution for this prefix as a whole is set to open, so that’s why the reference-visibility filter is returning 162 DOIs - But, unfortunately, no references have been registered for any of these 162 DOIs. - The same is true of the DOIs registered with us against ISSN 20019866.

Please let me know if you have any additional questions.

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Thank you very much for your prompt and clear reply!

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You’re welcome! We’re always happy to help.