ISSN required change for new ISSN for print and online


We have print ISSN with DOIs for last year publications of journal and journal has name changed before DOIs.
I was requested for ISSN online version for this journal.
But they wrote me that new ISSN assignment is needed for the print and online versions of our journal.
If I have new ISSN print and online version for journal. Any issue or need change for our existed DOIs of registered contents.

Hello, and thanks for your question.

No, no change is necessary for the existing DOIs. DOIs for articles published with the old title and old ISSNs should remain associated with the title and ISSNs that applied to the journal at the time of their publication.

You can begin registering DOIs for new content, with the new title and new ISSNs going forward, whenever you’re ready to do that.


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Dear Shayn,

Many thanks. I guess that journal title not changed. I guess only change for ISSN print and online version.
Is it okay update again new ISSN numbers(print/online) for existing DOIs

The existing DOIs should continue to use the ISSNs that were in place at the time those articles were published. So, you should not update them.

It’s important for linking, discovery, and citation matching that the ISSN in the metadata matches the ISSN relevant to a specific article, at the time it was published, and that stays consistent over time.

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