How to name the relation Journal-Crossref?


I would like to know if there is a right way to name the “relation” between a journal and Crossref. I mean, if I wanna say that a journal is aligned with Crossref services.

To be more specific: I always thought that it didn’t sound right to say that “my journal is indexed at Crossref”.

However, I got asked about it since the ISSN Portal shows Crossref in this indexing position (see pic below).

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Hi Bruna,

Thanks for the question, it’s one we are asked a lot and we often hear people using the term ‘indexed by Crossref’. However, you are correct to say that this isn’t an accurate description.
I think it is better to say a journal is ‘registered with Crossref’ as we talk about Content Registration and this also implies action on behalf of the publisher to do this, rather than Crossref. Whereas indexing implies some sort of selection of content and is associated with with quality of the content itself, which is something we do not assess.

Hope that helps!



Awesome, thank you once again!