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Here's to year one!

Our Ambassador Program is now one year old, and we are thrilled at how the first 12 months have gone. In 2018 we welcomed 16 ambassadors to the team, based in Australia, Brazil, Colombia, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Nigeria, Peru, Russia, Singapore, South Korea, UAE, Ukraine, USA, and Venezuela.

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It was a great experience to work with Crossref in the last year and hope to work continuously::+1:.

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The work as an Ambassador is honorable and responsible. Careful handling of metadata should become part of Russian scientific culture. Crossref does a great job of disseminating knowledge and skills to help authors and organizations become more visible. Scientists should take care not only of the growth of knowledge, but also to ensure that new knowledge becomes available to the world community as soon as possible. The Crossref team is an example of an organization that uses the most advanced organizational and networking technologies. Working with the Crossref team, you will learn about the most convenient services. And the introduction to innovation occurs gradually and unobtrusively. This is really cool!


Angel, Welcome to Crossref community.

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