Filter by language?

Is there any way to filter result by language?

For example, what is the way out to retrieve only English language documents against this RESt/API call -,type:journal-article,has-abstract:true,has-full-text:true&select=DOI,URL,title,subtitle,container-title,type,ISBN,ISSN,publisher,publisher-location,published-print,published-online,is-referenced-by-count,references-count,abstract,subject&rows=1000&offset=0


Thanks for your question.

Our REST API does not have a filter for language.

It is possible for publisher to specify the language(s) of a publication in its metadata record, but this is an optional, not required, piece of metadata.

So, if we did build in a language filter, it would almost certainly be more confusing than helpful. Because if you tried to filter results to just those which indicate, for example, ‘en’ as the language code, you would end up excluding very many English language publications which just don’t have any language code in their metadata at all.

That said, I can flag your request to our technical team, so they can take it into account when making updates or improvements to the REST API.

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