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Our journal Regular and Chaotic Dynamics in 2007 changed the publisher from Turpion to Springer and all articles published after 2007 can now be found at Springer website. But the articles published before 2007 by Turpion now are unavailable because Turpion’s website is not working now. We, as founders of the journal, have posted all archived articles of the journal on our ‘local’ website. And now we want to change URLs for DOIs registered by Turpion to URLs in our site for archived articles. Is it possible, if we have no any connection with previous publisher?

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It’s our standard practice during a journal title ownership transfer for us to transfer the journal and all of its existing journal articles from the disposing member to the acquiring member. This means that the acquiring member can maintain the metadata records, including the resolution URLs, of all articles published and registered with us for the journal in question. The same is true of the journal Regular and Chaotic Dynamics (ISSNs 14684845,15603547).

All of the journal’s existing DOIs are owned/associated with Pleiades Publishing (10.1134), as you can see from the journal’s depositor report here: You may update the metadata records, including resolution URLs, for any and all of these DOIs listed on that link above.

Here are instructions for updating those resolution URLs:

You can update resolution URLs associated with your DOIs by either resubmitting your metadata with the new URLs, or by using the process below for self-service bulk resolution URL updates (using a simple .txt upload).

Full documentation on updating your resolution URLs is also available here:

If you have a long list of URLs that need updating (for example, you’ve just finished a platform migration, or you’ve acquired a new title), you can do a bulk resolution URL update. Create a tab-separated list (formatted as a text (.txt) file) of DOIs and their new URLs, and apply the following header:


where is your email address and 10.xxxx is the owner prefix (this should be the prefix associated with the username you’ll be processing this request with) for the DOIs you’re updating.

Only DOIs of the same owning prefix may be updated together using this header. For example, if you have DOIs against two owning prefixes, you’ll need to separate your submissions and use the appropriate 10.xxxx prefix for each set of your DOIs.

This is what your tab-separated list should look like:


Note: the from prefix in the header is 10.1134, since these DOIs are owned/associated with DOI prefix 10.1134.

You can upload the file to the admin tool or use the upload tool. To use the admin tool, login and navigate to Submissions>Upload. Upload your file, choose Bulk URL Update as the Type, and click Upload.

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Dear Isaac,

Thank you for your useful reply. This is exactly what I wanted to know.


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