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DOI with wrong year


I have a problem: the DOI registration has a different year of publication.

For example, the DOI is 2020 and the publication is 2021. That is, the DOI record has the wrong year. This is a serious problem because an article published in 2021 is with the DOI 2020 or 2019. I have several cases like this.

The correct thing is to update the DOI after the final publication of the article.

How do I resolve this?

The cases below are the same: the year registered in the DOI differs from the correct year of publication:

I appreciate if anyone can help.

Emerson Wagner Mainardes

FUCAPE Business School - Brazil



The you need to check your doi setup, or if you activate manually through crossref webdeposit or upload xml to Kindly check the xml. Since, what is wrote there, is gonna active what it is.

For example for your article on Brand equity of commoditized products of famous brands | Emerald Insight The article publication date (stated on website) is 2019. However, issue publlication date is 2020. I am sure the doi is activated after the article online (in 2019). So, the metadata show 2019 for article.
If you author of this articles, you need talk to the journal editor or publisher of the article for more information regarding of this.


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Hello @emerson,

Thanks for your message, and welcome to the community forum.

All DOI metadata is provided to us by our publisher members. Crossref does not update, edit, or correct publisher-provided metadata directly.

For the fastest possible response, you may wish to reach out to the publisher members directly to ask them to review and update the metadata they have registered with us for these DOIs.

This DOI 10.21171/ges.v14i37.2749 has an online publication date of 2019 registered with us, as you can see here: Antecedentes da intenção de repetição de voto no mesmo político

This DOI 10.1108/MIP-02-2019-0115 has an online publication date of 2019 registered with us and a print publication date of 2020, as you can see from the full metadata record here: Brand equity of commoditized products of famous brands

Finally, this DOI 10.1108/AJAR-07-2020-0056 appears to have a print publication date of 2020 and 2021 registered with us: Accounting services quality: a systematic literature review and bibliometric analysis

Please let me know if you have any additional questions.

Kind regards,

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Isaac, is this the best practice for Ahead of Print type of publication?

For example, the DOI 10.1108/MIP-02-2019-0115 has an online publication date of 2019 because the manuscript was published as an Ahead of Print in 2019. I don’t even know if this journal is actually printed, but Emerson’s article joined a volume/issue in 2021, and then the metadata was updated with issue, volume, pagination, and the year 2020 as a print date.

Is that how it should be done? When the manuscript is not an Ahead of Print anymore… what should be updated in the metadata year? :slight_smile:

I exchanged some words with Emerson previously and he explained this situation to me.

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Hi @BrunaErlandsson,

Thanks for following up on this one. So, best practice for this situation, as you’ve explained it and I understand it, would require an XML submission to us. It would look like this:

The article itself - DOI 10.1108/MIP-02-2019-0115 - should be registered with the online publication date of 2019, since that is the first time that it appeared online.

Since that article joined a volume/issue in 2021, the volume- and issue-level metadata registered with the DOI should include an online publication date of 2021.

Since most people will cite the version of record and it seems like that final version of record was available (and possible printed) in 2020, we’d recommend including the print date in the metadata for the article as 2020. Again, that’s most likely how others will cite the work, so including the print date of 2020 will help our algorithm match to this work if and when it is cited.

Does all of that make sense?

This XML example does have different issue- and article-level online and print publication dates, so you may wish to review it: examples/journal_article_4.4.2.xml · master · crossref / Schema · GitLab if you’re able or willing to produce your own XML.

My best,

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Hi Isaac! Thanks for always replying with so much attention! I understood everything!

I would like to invite @Emerson here again to explain why this date/metadata is so important to him as an author (it is totally related to the Brazilian system - CNPq/CV Lattes - score as a author, and so on, which he understands better than me :)) - and then we can see if there is anything we can do to help his situation:)

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Sure thing, @BrunaErlandsson. We’re always happy to help! Great questions as always.


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