Doi not working

The problem that we encounter:
after changing the hosting server the DOI link of every articles stopped working and redirecting to “DOI Not Found” page.
we tried the following solutions:
1- submitting the articles from import/export tab and we got error “Validation errors: Failed to locate the main schema resource at…”
2- we uploaded xml file manually to Crossref and it was successful.
3- in php file configuration we set the allow_url_fopen= on, yet did not fix the problem.
4- we check the confidential username and password and it is correct

please, we apricate any help regard this problem.
we are on hold for the last two months because of this issue

Hi @jojo ,

Thanks for your message, and welcome to the community forum. Can you provide me with your username and/or DOI prefix? Also, do you have examples of DOIs that were resolving correctly, but are now resolving to a ‘DOI NOT FOUND’ page when changing the DOI link?

Thanks in advance,

Hello. thanks for your response
the DOI prefix: 10.25130
samples of articles:
the state of these links a submit

but these links even when we submit them manually we got the xml error

Hi @jojo,

Thanks for these examples. DOIs 10.25130/poltic.v0i25.297 and 10.25130/poltic.v0i26.309 have never been registered. You can confirm this by resolving the DOIs: and As you can see, both of those DOI links are resolving to ‘DOI NOT FOUND’ errors on

I looked through your recent submissions and do not see any failures for those two DOIs. How did you attempt to register them? Do you have XML you can share with me for those DOIs? If so, I’d be happy to investigate what might be causing the registration errors.

Thanks in advance,

I register them using OJS plugin
xml error.txt (5.0 KB)
this file contain the xml error when i try to submit them manually

Thanks for the .txt file.

I have two questions as a follow-up:

  1. are you submitting these to us using the tikrit username? I see that the depositor name in the XML is entered as aziz. I ask because both of those usernames are in our system. Only tikrit is associated with prefix 10.25130, so I assume that is the one being used in your registrations, but wanted to confirm?

  2. I’m looking in our system for the submission associated with this .txt file. Do you happen to have the submission ID from our system for that submission? Or, do you know the filename, as you submitted it to us?

thanks for the extra details,

I was searching for the same Issue. Thanks for sharing this information. It was useful.

Hi @Aaron6377 . Thanks for posting. Do you have any outstanding questions about these DOI NOT FOUND errors and your content that I can help clarify?

Welcome to the forum,