Delaying Metadata Manager Sunset Date

In May, we said we’d sunset Metadata Manager at the end of 2021, in favor of a new content registration interface. The announcement generated lots of great feedback on this post on the Community Forum, about what members see as their greatest needs and pain points with regard to content registration. The feedback from the community has been extremely useful in helping us design a tool that makes content registration a smoother process.

I’m pleased to say we’re making good progress on the new tool, but disappointed to share that it’s not quite ready for prime time. As a result, we’ll delay the sunsetting of Metadata Manager until 6 months after the release of the new tool. This will give us enough time to roll out support for journal articles on the new tool before closing Metadata Manager, and give users time to transition. In the interim, in order to keep our resources focused on the new tool and deliver it as quickly as possible, we will not be adding to, supporting, or bug-fixing other content registration tools.

You can expect to see the new tool in production in the first half of 2022, with support for grant DOI registration. Support for journal articles will follow next. You can keep track of the (admittedly technical) progress on Gitlab or on our roadmap. We continue to welcome feedback on content registration tools in the Community Forum post.


I have a question. Will you will be transferring all our meta data from Meta Manager across to this new tool or at least provide us a means of doing this painlessly? Thanks

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Delay in sunset of Metadata Manager will help much to the users. I hope new interface will be very easy for transition of the journals’ metadata.

@sbowman I am eager to test (beta testing) this new tool if you give me an opportunity!!

What’s the name of new tool?

Thank you.

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I am sorry but Metadata Manager login page is showing that “Metadata Manager is being sunset at the end of 2021”.

I request to check it.

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