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[Ask] Cited-by Plugin for OJS 3.x

Hello, as I recall Cited-by services only can be implemented in OJS 2.x version. Is there any plan shortly to run the service in OJS 3.x also? I ask this because almost 80% journals in my institution using OJS 3.x as their platform. Or is there any update information regarding cited-by services?

Thank you

Hi Todi,

Good questions!

I’ll have to query my colleagues at PKP/OJS about this one. I’ll get back to you ASAP.


Hi Isaac, is there any news from PKP/OJS yet? :slightly_smiling_face: thanks

Hi @mratodi. OJS 3.1.2 is scheduled for release in February, which will include their new API, and reference linking. After that release, PKP will begin looking at integrating the Cited-by service, among other enhancements. There’s no firm timeline for Cited-by/OJS implementation at the moment.


Hi Isaac,
are there any news on a cited by integration in OJS 3.x or an upcoming plugin?
Thanks in advance and cheers,

Hi @TBoxHmr,

Thanks for following up on this. We know you’re not alone in wanting to know more about the Cited-by plugin for OJS. Unfortunately, I don’t have an update at this time. As soon as we get confirmation from PKP on a timeline, I’ll provide an update here.

My best,

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