5 things you may not know about DOIs or why there is more to DOIs than meets the eye - Blog post by Aaron Tay

Aaron Tay is a librarian in Singapore. In his recent post he discusses why ‘as one of the central pillars of Scholarly infrastructure, DOIs are probably more important than you may realize’.

He lists 5 things you may not know:

  1. DOIs are not issued by just Crossref, other DOI registration Agencies exist
  2. DOIs are not just about links to the registered content but also about metadata
  3. Crossref DOIs have many services beyond just content registration for linking e.g. Similarity check, Crossmark
  4. Crossref DOIs allows content registration for not just journal articles but also posted content (preprints, blogs) ,grants and more
  5. Crossref DOIs allows creation of relationships between DOIs e.g. preprint to VoR (Version of Record), Dataset to journal article, Peer review report to article etc

How many of these did you not realise? Read Aaron’s full blog at the link below to find out more:



Thanks for the interesting post as many persons do not know these facts; but honestly I say that I was aware about these facts!!